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A curious paradise where birds fly among the pages of tropical blooms, wild woodlands, inquisitive creatures and flourishing flowers.
Birdtopia, 2016


'Birdtopia' is my first colouring book for adults published by Laurence King. In 2014 they approached me with the idea of creating a colouring book for adults. They suggested the bird theme which seemed appropriate as birds have always featured regularly in my work. They suggested I 'go wild' - that is an illustrators' dream.

I usually work in both full colour and black and white, both in great detail. So I did have to do some experimenting with my style and soon found a way to work which I hoped people would enjoy colouring.

It was the most wonderful, intense and rewarding project to work on. The result is over 70 pages of wondrous birds living in a world brimming with fantastical flora and fauna.

I really enjoyed researching the birds and tried to include a  selection of inquisitive birds from across the world including gentle blue tits and violet-tailed sylphs; majestic peacocks and Oriental darters; and striking birds of prey, such as the golden eagle and great grey owl. The book also includes a key of birds and eight pages of lavishly coloured illustrations to inspire the reader.

'Birdtopia' was realeased in the UK Spring 2016 and worldwide shortly after.

The book is available to buy here.

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