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A curious black-and-white paradise where birds can be as small as insects and flowers as tall as trees.
Birdtopia, 2016


My first colouring book for adults, 'Birdtopia' is a fantastical place inhabited by a selection of inquisitive birds from across the world. This includes gentle blue tits and violet-tailed sylphs; majestic peacocks and Oriental darters; and striking birds of prey, such as the golden eagle and great grey owl.

I was approached in 2014 by Laurence King Publishing with the idea of me creating a colouring book for adults on the theme of birds - it instantly appealed to me as birds have often featured in my work and I love drawing them. I wanted to create a paradise for these birds but where reality is slightly skewed and things aren't quite as they seem. Trees can be made of feathers, birds land on delicate blooms and you'll find a hare perched on a pine cone.

It was great to be given such creative control over the book and to be closely involved in the way it came together. The final publication contains over 70 pages of black and white illustrations, a key of birds and 8 colour pages to inspire the reader. 'Birdtopia' was released in the UK Spring 2016 and worldwide shortly after.

The book is available to buy here.

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