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'Colouring creativity gone wild'
The Plus Paper

'It's not just Daisy's mythically inspired flora and fauna that will transport your mind almost beyond the imaginable, it's also the journey into your own creativity in a world of colour the book facilitates that makes it such a magical experience' The Plus Paper.

I've worked with Laurence King Publishing to produce 'Birdtopia' and 'Into the Wild' colouring books. Both are 79 pages of black and white illustrations taking you on a colouring journey. Venture through exotic flora and fauna, encountering unusual and even mythical creatures along the way. 

I've really enjoyed creating both books. It's an illustrators' dream to be asked to produce a body of work like these and to be given the artistic freedom to do so.

If you would like to read the full review and interview with The Plus Paper it is available here.

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