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A fabulous wild woodland, where beautiful butterflies flit among cherry blossoms, deer shelter under towering mushroom trees and exotic creatures prowl through lush tropical blooms.
Into the Wild, October 2017

Into the WIld is a colouring journey through dream-like forest scenes where you will encounter real and fabulous creatures.

Beginning in a woodland world of otters, badgers, foxes and deer, the pages gradually transport you deeper into a flower forest, a magical environment populated with rare and mythical animals such as caracals, muntjacs and iberian lynx. Colour your way through exotic and wonderful plants – Candy Cane Sorrel, Peacock flowers and giant Cacti – and you may even discover the fabled unicorn

Into the Wild contains 79 pages of illustrations to bring to life with colour, and a key referencing the creatures and many of the botanicals dwelling in this exotic woodland.

This is my second colouring book with Laurence King Publishing.

Into the Wild is available to order here.

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